Helping you get what you truly want and need

Great technology design is not just about the technology. It͛s about teaching, learning, healing, selling, communicating with your clients, keeping your staff and the public safe, delivering information quickly, securely and reliably. Our highly skilled, experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your goals and to help you refine your vision. Only then can we design infrastructure and systems that will make sense for you and your organization.


Plain English spoken here

While we understand industry jargon at i2, we speak in plain English, realizing that you are an expert in your field, not ours.

Our approach is to explain what͛s possible, outline the trends, give you viable cost estimates – the information you need to make sound decisions about your investment in technology.


Moving forward in a changing environment

Our clients often ask, How can you design technology today that will serve us for the next five, 10 or 15 years?

It's a good question. The fact is that no one can know exactly what the next breakthrough will be, but we can help you understand your options, then build a solid infrastructure ready for a constantly changing world.



An unusually flexible design team

i2 consultants are experts in their own fields, with decades of real-world experience, but we work closely with other design professionals and members of your operations team.

Our areas of expertise include:

We can work in any field but we focus on higher education, business and industry, healthcare, government, and hospitality.

News from i2

March 10, 2020  | 

Staying Grounded

i2 helps the SLC International Airport save a six-figure sum with innovative grounding design 

Salt Lake City is doing something extraordinary: they are replacing their international[…]

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February 4, 2020  |  In

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

Massive new FBI data center part of major consolidation: 100 data centers will be replaced by just three. i2 designs the cable and cabinet infrastructure.

Over the last few years, the federal government has been consolidating its data centers, […]

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What our clients say

When it comes to new construction, it has been great having Tim Johnson and i2 working with us. Tim knows how to express our needs to the architects, engineers, and integrators, and verifies that those needs have made it into plans and bid documents. When a project is completed, he is there to make sure that installers have properly performed. We meet regularly by phone or in person to discuss recent technology changes and recognize new trends that can help in our classroom environments.

College of the Desert has been working with Tim Johnson for almost ten years. Tim and his people are pleasure to work with and have played a key role in the successful implementation of our IT network upgrades and media implementations.

I’ve worked with Tim Johnson on hundreds of projects. He's very detail orientated and very thorough, having an almost encyclopedic knowledge of his field. Tim is an expert in structured cabling and telecom design, the best data center designer I’ve ever met.

I also appreciate his interdisciplinary approach. I’m sorry to say that at many firms the disciplines are siloed, and consequently they will get will get about 80% of a project right, leaving 20% lost by the wayside or someone else’s problem.

But when I work with i2, I can relax, knowing the consultants will work closely together and strive to be 100% error free. My clients are in good hands.

Michael Shafer Technology Strategist CO Architects

Tim Johnson is the kind of consultant who adds real value to the design process. He is always on your side, yet detached enough to bring you a perspective you wouldn’t otherwise have.

I’ve known him for more than 20 years, and I’ve seen him work effectively with project owners, architects, engineers, manufacturers, integrators and other consultants.

Tim is as solid a person as you will ever meet. He’s an exceptionally good listener, he has a great deal of expertise, and he genuinely cares about people. When you need him most, he will always be there.

Patrick Johnston Partner, RCDD Ironwood Associates, Carefree, AZ